Sustainability and ethical fashion

Buy better, keep forever.

Sustainability and ethical fashion/ Buy better, keep forever.

Beyond a season, a trend, a moment, in a more sustainable world.

Discover sustainability in fashion through Stelios Koudounaris’ creative universe.

Since the birth of the Stelios Koudounaris brand, the designer’s creative philosophy has prioritized longevity.

Stelios Koudounaris collections are entirely made in Greece by small production crews and exceptional artisans who work in humane conditions. Modern design meets the experience and techniques of professionals with respect for the design values of the fashion house.

We invest in “slow fashion,” which means we focus on the product and high quality by designing new innovative and yet timeless collections, while reducing our ecological footprint.

We do not use fur or other materials that affect the animal kingdom. We use organic cotton and natural fabrics, and in recent years we have added high-quality recycled synthetic materials.

At the designer’s studio, simple but also more complex tactics are applied daily for zero waste production, reduced energy use, and reuse of paper, fabrics, and plastic where possible, as well as recycling as our duty for producing ethical fashion and respecting our planet.

We seek continuous style beyond any ephemeral trend. We want each piece to have a long lifespan. We want you to wear our clothes for many years to come, and to last forever – this is our hope.

Sustainability is where ethical responsibility and innovation meet. Since 2008, Stelios Koudounaris designs have been crafted to last from generation to generation, with an environmentally friendly approach and without compromising on quality.


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